This morning sad story

Woke up this morning,reach my laptop, and online. First things to do is check my exam result.. One more result is out.. Heritage and culture studies.. A little bit frustrated.. My target is A, but I got B+.. haaa..... sedih

My friend also get B-. Hurm... I think, she's more strict in marking our final exam paper.. warrrhhhh.... saddd..

Hurm.... baru jak org ya call aku tek... padah modem dah ok.. I hope so.. maybe today or tomorrow I'll pick it up.. So boreedd. if cannot online... hurmm.....

Still have few days before me going back home. This sem break have a lot of wok to do. Finishing all postponed works.. Ha ha ha.. Kemas belakang rumah.. depan rumah.. semuanya... ha ha ha.. My routine every time going home.

Start missing my hometown.. Home Sweet Home..
Tempat jatuh lagi Dikenang,

Comments (3)

Tajuk pun da salah vocab.. ha ha ha... x pe .. learn from mistake

My God..nebes ku mk chck result ehh..
ko lo blt g kah?g kat unimas?

cni ko nggn rslt ya?xda pun kat anjung:)