Keep Trying

Masih berjaga sampai dinihari. Explore the blogging world.. I found many intersting stuff in blogging. New experiance. Keep pushing hard to try new templates, widgets, and others add-on icon in blog.

The times now almost 4 a.m. still working with laptop, internet and mouse. looking for new knowledge about blog.. Huargh... (menguap) sleepy kali..

3 more days before falying back to home town. This Sunday, i will hang out with my friend. buy some stuff before going back to Perak. Ikan terubauk masin wajib kena beli. Jalan-jalan dengan member.. TT balik semenanjung on Monday !st Dec 2008. Flight time 1105am.

This semester break i want to have some pocket money.. Mybe working at my brother stall at food court.. Part time job... If rajin, pergi kerja, if malas... jalan-jalan cari makan la.. ha ha ha

ok la going to sleep rite now.. Wait for my new udpate..
Gambatte =)

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