Miss U So Much

Wake up this morning, a bit earlier from yesterday. Reach my laptops and activate it.. Start surfing and looking for any update on my final exam result. I hope there will be some good result. Urm...

Last nyte, hang out with some of my fella. Yeah... Kali terkahir going out togather before some of us leave the Uni. On the way, out car run out of gas when we left the Uni main gate and the car stopped at the traffic light... ha ha ha... means had to push Kereta Kancil to the nearest petrol pump..

Reaching the food court area near Pasar. Looking for tha parking space. park the car, get out, and press lock button at the remote. All of us just walking towards the stall. Some of my friends already have their meals like nasi kerabu and nasi lemak. Ha ha ha.. Malaysian loves to eat. Multi-varoius meal offered here in Malaysia.

Sitting while waiting the waiter sending my drinks. Ha ha ha... Suddenly my best friend, Nikk Adam appear from the darkness.. ha ha ha.. i have no idea where is he came from. But, thahs not the problem. Long time no see him. Suprisingly, he gained his weight.. ha ha ha.. little bit berisi but still handsome.. as usual la...

Sitting beside lead me and him start to gossip.. Ha ha ha.. Love this part. Many things to talk about.. This and that.. Didi't miss talking about the special persons,. i guess ha ha ha.. I odered Mee hoon sup.. It cost rm5.. wah... The oil price is decreace, but in fact the food price still high.. Huh.. make me avoidng to eat outside. Better self cooking at home. Lagik nyaman.

Hurmm... first posting 99% English.. I think my english is....
Whats ur comments???

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IMHO, you don't need to worry so much about how your English is. That's the main problem with people and English. The only way a person could improve his command and profeciency in the language is by enriching his or her vocabs (and those grammar stuffs) through readings, readings and readings. Only then you would find out how your English has been improving. My English is not *that* good anyway. Learning is a never-ending journey..

My comment? I don't look at the 99% English. I look at the 99% guts. Bravo! Que sera sera~