7 hours left

7 hours left before i fly back to my hometown.
Will miss UNIMAS, FEB, Cempaka, friends, and my special one.

I hope I can come again here. Feel the same atmosphere, the same condition, same situation but for different purpose.

Will miss June, Aida, Zaida, Shafiza, Ex-Kenanga Collage Representatives, all naughty boys from Faculty of Engineering (Civil, Mechanics, Electronics, and other -nics), esp: Ijau, Apeep, Shami, Wan, Celes, Jus, Cu Wi, Udin, Yus, Qhalil, Mirul, As, Elvin, Karim, Najib, Emer, Ashraff Pe'uk, Adeeb, Wen, Syida(roses among beetles), 

Not to forget, Kak Chumie (BPPS), Dr. Zaharah (Clinic),
Hope to see you soon.

~Muhd Fadzil Noor Yahya~

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