2 more weeks

2 more weeks... relaxing at my hometown.. after that, fly back to uni, continuing my study.. i hope this will be my last sem. oo.. ya.. talking about study.. hurm.. next sem i will take 1 paper only.. complementary paper.. this semester break not to bored.. this the activities list

1) hang out with old friends;
hurm... this cam make me crazy.. going out with the person with i admire.. make me very 'not myself'.. terpaksa berlakon like anything didn't happened. Few years ago, still in secondary school, this person just a normal guys... naughty.. but, since last 2 years when R (shortform oh the name) entered uni as a studnet, I lost contact.. but, when we meet last week, R is very different from last time.. very2 different.. from naughty to kind, more well mannered and.. kind.. ha ha ha.. at that time.. really make my heart beat fast.. ho ho ho.. ok la..i try to have some little chat with R.. ok. i see lot of changes happenden.. thanks. I hope I will have a strenght to tell R the truth.. ok.. done with the first things.

2) Kedah @ Pahang????
Actually my brother which study at UITM Jengka, Pahang asking me either i can send him to his Uni.. Maybe ok lo.. But, this evening, my sister receive an offer latter form Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam (SPA) about an offer to be a Nurse.. Hurm.... date of registration is 1 of January 2009.. At Kolej Kejururawatan, Alor Setar, Kedah.. Congrats to my sister.. I hope she will do the best.. Recently she studying at Perak Matriculation Collage.

3) etc..
so many thing to be finish withnin 2 weeks.. Hurmm.. Yesterday evening I bought 1 set of facial treatment. It consist of 1 Tube faceccleansing, Firming lotion, and pigmentation cream, cost me almost rm100. From De Bella Cosmetic.. 3 of my sister using this product and it works.. It based on aloe vera.. finish about that..

hurm... i hope all my friends in good conditions. I really love you all =)
Mengantuk dah nie,, ok.. nyte ... MUAH!!!!! =0)

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